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Dear readers,

This journal explores many themes – first loves, the power of memory, humanity in its most simple and complex forms – while transporting the reader to different places around the world. From Warsaw, to France, to the city of Providence that our college calls home, the poetry, fiction, and photography in The Alembic 2024 take us to locations near and far. This journal gives you the opportunity to enter a space entirely not your own. So if you want an escape or a reminder of home, we hope you find that place in these pages.

We want to express our sincere gratitude to everyone that had a role in making the 2024 edition of The Alembic. Thank you to the editorial staff, Emily Pittinos, the Department of English, Jessica Rogers-Cerrato, Megan Lessard, Caroline Cooper, and all of the contributors who shared their words and art with us. Your dedication, passion, and creativity are the backbone of this book.

Congratulations to all for your hard work. We hope you enjoy reading this collection as much as we enjoyed putting it together!

Caitlin Bartley & Maddie Aylward

Co-Editors in Chief